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Sneak Peek at Super Bowl Ads

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This year's Super Bowl match-up between the Saints and the Colts could be one of the most watched TV shows ever.

The ads, could also make it one of the most controversial.

Like in years past Super Bowl advertisers will pull out all the stops.

But this year may turn the traditional ad game upside down

Some of the biggies like Pepsi are passing on the Super Bowl.

Leaving room for some new comers to the field, small companies, like who turns to an old favorite the Griswolds for its first foray into the big game

"We really couldn't think of a bigger stage to try to launch this brand with the us consumer," said HomeAway CEO Brian Sharpies.

But 2010 may be best remembered for controversy, not comedy.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will discuss his mother's decision not to have an abortion in a spot for "Focus on the Family."

CBS is catching heat from pro choice groups who say the network sold out on a long standing policy not to air Super Bowl ads that take a side on controversial topics.

The network rejected a commercial from gay dating site ManCrunch.

But it is not all sober subjects this year and some things will still look familiar.

Doritos is again letting fans vote for their favorite amateur ad, hoping lightning strikes twice.

One of last year's entries was named most popular commercial of the game, earning a million dollar prize for its maker.

So buckle up, this year's spots will likely take things right to the edge.

Advertisers hoping that Super Bowl magic will turn them into the game's big winner.

Some 100 million people are expected to watch Sunday.

CBS says it has sold out all of the commercial spots.

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