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High electric bills

By Dennis Smith - bio | email

If you saw Roslyn Anderson's story this week on January's high electric bills, then you can probably identify with the folks from Forest. 

About 50 people showed up for 3 On Your Side's camera to show how so many of them were paying double what they owed in December. 

A $227 bill in December turned into more than a $500 charge for electricity in January. One Southern Pine Electric customer had a $53 bill in November.  Now she's facing a $1,224 charge for January.

Many customers claim they get heat from fire places and gas, not electricity. Southern Pine says they will work with them. The customers say otherwise. 

The problem is compounded  now by not showing the kilowatt usage on the bills according to the customers. The problem is also compounded by the fact that the public service commission doesn't regulate EPA's except in rare cases. 

The story also brought out other complaints from other areas of the state from our viewers.

It's time for our legislature to see if what's happening is fair. That's the least they can do. 

And that's my point of view. 

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