TV sales increase as Super Bowl approaches - - Jackson, MS

TV sales increase as Super bowl approaches

By David Kenney - bio | email

As people prepare for Sundays big game, many are focusing on the centerpiece of any good Super bowl party. Several area Saints fans are getting new TV's to watch the Saints first Super Bowl appearance.

Retailers report a week of high sales numbers as Saints fans get ready for Super bowl Sunday.

Cowboy Maloney's and Best Buy say their delivery trucks have been loaded down with new TV deliveries in the last few days. They expect that will continue into the weekend.

High definition television sets over 50" are selling in big numbers. Retailers say that's because the price of high definition TV's have come down, making the big sets more affordable for the average consumer.

Another benefit to consumers is the price of televisions continue to go down, as the technology improves.

"Normally this time of year Super Bowl sales do pick up quite a bit, we've noticed that over the past several years obviously were the headquarters for Super bowl TV's. A lot of people come in during the week especially we see a rush on Friday and Saturday before the Super bowl," says Joe Schneeberger of Cowboy Maloney's.

Can't decide on what to buy before the game?  Don't worry.

Both Cowboy and Best Buy also plan to put in extra hours this weekend to make sure everyone's TV is installed before kickoff. If you buy a TV on Saturday, they guarantee it will be delivered to your door before the game starts at 3 p.m. Sunday.

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