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Family of hit & run victim seeks justice

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By Bert Case - bio | email

ATTALA COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - A hit and run death investigation in Attala County is now complete but District Attorney Doug Evans has not presented the findings to a grand jury. 

18-year- old Benjamin Russell was on his way home from East Holmes Community College in Goodman April 13th, 2009 when a deer ran out in front of him on Highway 14 about seven miles from Kosciusko.   He swerved to avoid the deer and missed it, but hit a tree in his 1999 Ford Explorer.  The air bag deployed knocking the wind out of him.  He called his father for help and the father called for a fire truck to respond.  

According to his brother, P.J. Land of Kosciusko, the fire truck from the Attala County Fire Department ran over Russell and killed him. "Something needs to be done about it. My brother, you know he was a normal human being, if anybody else would have been running down this road, and run over and killed him, they'd be sitting in jail right now." 

Nobody would talk to us at the fire department. Another brother, Josh Land, thinks it is wrong nobody has been prosecuted in the case. "It's pretty bad when the people that are here to help you are the ones that did this to him, the ones that killed him." 

P.J. Land says there has been an attempt to cover up the fact that the fire truck killed his brother. "They run over and hit him and then they lied about it, for two weeks and said they don't know what happened, finally one of them come out and told the truth that they run over and killed him." 

The case was investigated by the M.B.I. which turned its findings over to District Attorney Doug Evans. 

 An assistant D.A. for Attala County, Mike Howie, told us the case is still being studied to determine whether it will be turned over to the grand jury.  

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