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Mississippi's Tea Party rallies at the Capitol

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Jackson, MS -- Despite the cold temperatures, Mississippi's Tea Party rallied for hours outside the Capitol building today.

They say their mission is to put constitutional rights back in the hands of Mississippians.

"It's a shame that's very indicative that now we have to teach our constitution to our politicians," said one supporter at the podium on top of the Capitol steps.

Another supporter, Oswald Rendon-Herrero drove down to Jackson from Starkville to support this cause.

"I came because this to me is very important. I think that our liberties are in jeopardy," said Rendon-Herrero.

Some held up signs saying the government needs to lower taxes. Others showed clear opposition for President Obama's proposed health care plan.

All in all, this non-partisan grassroots groups says they're not about choosing sides.

"It's not republicans and democrats, it's Americans and Mississippians, it's conservative, independents, libertarians of whatever you may be. we're for coming together for the same cause and that's the constitution and freedom," said Northeastern resident, Brian Pace.

Mississippi Tea Party organizer, Donna Knezevich says for the last twenty years the American people have seen nothing but presidents' wanting to spend more money.

"In recent times Clinton was tax and spend, Bush was borrow and spend, Obama is tax, borrow and spend more," Knezevich said.

And Pace agrees, comparing President Obama's policies to President Bush's.

"I just saw Obama as a continuation of bush's policies, same war policies, same policies on taxes, same policies on the national debt," Pace said.

Meanwhile, the Mississippi Tea Party says they stand for three core principles: fiscal responsibility of government, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.

Last time the Tea Party showed up to rally in the state capital was on April 15th, tax day of last year.

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