MEMA stresses stocking up on items for snow storm - - Jackson, MS

MEMA stresses stocking up on items for snow storm

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Customers packed McDade's on Fortification Street in Belhaven as shoppers swarm to stock up before snow moves into Jackson.

"Generally in this area you don't get this kind of weather so people kind of stock up on things that will get them by for a few days," said McDade's Store Manager Neill Washburn.

Even those who are accustomed to the white stuff wanted to avoid driving in it.  "I am really used to the snow because I'm from the north, but I'm weary of the other drivers.  So, I'm trying to get my little shopping in now then get home and stay in until it is over," said Jackson resident Michele Stone.

What are they buying?

"Fruit, bananas, a lot of canned stuff, a lot of nonperishable items, which are good to have," said Jackson resident Johnathon Simein.

"Just stocking up on the basic things, dry goods, bread, and all that stuff so you don't have to come out," said Jackson resident Robert Johnson.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency recommended stocking up on food and water.  Remember to store at least one gallon of water per person per day.  For food, buy a three day supply that does not require heat to eat.   Snow storms can cause power outages.  Assemble a first aid kit for your car and your home.

Make a tools and supplies kit with flashlights, batteries, and even disposable dinner ware. MEMA officials also stressed keeping an extra change of clothing and blankets to stay warm.  Don't forget to stock up on items for people with special needs such as infants and elderly.

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