Metro area residents affected by rare snow - - Jackson, MS

Metro area residents affected by rare snow

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Waking up to find the capitol city blanketed, inches deep, with snow may be a once in a lifetime experience for the children playing in the white stuff Friday morning on Riverside Drive.

And they're taking full advantage of it.

"I'm not going in until it stops snowing," said Sumner Maye of Jackson. "I'm just going to be outside."

But the white stuff isn't all fun and games. Icy roads made for a slippery morning commute.

"I prayed. I prayed, that's for sure," said Shirley Donelson as she braved the snow-covered roads on her way to work. "I prayed before I left the house to make sure I get to work safely."

Eventually, crews shoveled de-icing material onto bridges and roads.

But even as crews worked to respond, officials say the storm's effects could linger.

"The damage to roads, is really wrecking havoc on our roads and bridges here, so it'll be millions of dollars we'll have to look to find, to pay for just this snow," said Lt. Governor Phil Bryant.

And so, the rare snow could weigh on an already strapped budget.

Then, there's the weight of the snow on power lines and tree limbs. The storm left thousands without power in Central and Southwest Mississippi.

But even so, many say they're trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

"I was just really excited when it started snowing," said Maye. "It's really deep, too. Normally it just melts, it doesn't stick."

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