Vicksburg gets snow blanket - - Jackson, MS

Vicksburg gets snow blanket

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Like the rest of central and south Mississippi, the city of Vicksburg was transformed into a winter wonderland. The snow caused a headache for some, but for most, it was just plain fun. You have to break out the camera on a day like this. It's a beautiful sight, but Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace says there were some early morning traffic accidents; at least three with injuries.

"But fortunately, none of them appear to be life threatening..lot of fender benders; so far all of the major roadways in Warren County are open for travel; we just ask people to use caution." said Pace.

As for power outages, Pace says they were sporadic. "I think all of these are attributed to just limbs falling against power lines." he said. Like the one that fell across the street from Marilyn Curtis' house.

The Beechwood Elementary school teacher's power was not affected, so she enjoyed her day off from school. Curtis said, "I just wish I had my grand kids here. We'd be building a big snowman and maybe have some good hot chocolate."

Jerrod Jones said, "I never made one before."

He was talking about a snowman, but he built one with the help of his aunt. Sonjia Kinsey traveled with five other relatives from Tallulah, Louisiana to help her nephew.

Kinsey said, "Well, this is a New Orleans Saints snowman, so he can be any kind of way he wants to be because we won!"

It was big fun for everyone in Vicksburg and while schools and most businesses closed for this rare February snowstorm, John Storey kept his kept his drugstore open.

Said Storey, "Well, we have an obligation to be here for the people. They need their medicine. The weather's a little bad out, but a lot of folks have to get their medicine for the weekend."

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