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Valentine's dinner under the yellow sign

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By  Julie Straw - bio | email | twitter

 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Nothing says romance like scattered, covered and smothered.  It was Valentine's Day and Waffle House was setting the mood with white table clothes, soft pink lighting, flowers and even candlelight.

"This is very cute.  I love the way they've decorated everything with the roses and whatever that is," said Pam Lee looking at the decorated light fixtures.

Couples called for reservations, but walk-ins were welcome. The one thing that didn't change is the menu.  Love and the smell of waffles were in the air.  "Atlanta has been doing this for the past two years and it has been such a success in Atlanta and the customers really responded to it," said Waffle House Human Resource Specialist Jennifer Daughety.

"This was a real surprise, especially when we pull into a Waffle House for Valentine's dinner," said Judy Martin.  After 50 years of marriage Robert Martin likes to keep his wife on her toes.

"Well, I mean, anything is a good idea if she doesn't know what's coming," said Robert Martin.

All Judy ever really knows is to expect the unexpected.  "One time he had me and two other ladies and their husbands dress up in evening dresses, took us out in the country and we sat on apple boxes picked out our own frog to eat frog legs. This was about as much a shock as that was, but better," said Judy Martin.

The Martins are sent home with a picture and a frame to remember the special valentines night spent under the yellow sign.

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