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2 horses found tied to trees, taken from owner

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TERRY, MS (WLBT) - Two horses were seized by the Hinds County Sheriff's Department Monday in Terry after they were discovered tied to trees with no shelter and living in squalid conditions. 

One horse was caught up so tightly in a rope it was unable to move its leg or head. It was bound to a tree and trapped in a quagmire of its own feces and deep mud. 

The rope from the animals rear leg was connected to the halter keeping the horse constricted and unable to reach food or water. There was no indication how long it had been left in this position. 

After 3 On Your Side inquired, neighborhood kids cut the rope off.  

The horses leg was swollen and he was limping. 

The Hinds County Sheriff's Department came out along with a veterinarian to inspect for signs of neglect and poor health. 

Another horse was also bound with a rope around its neck and no shelter. 

Both horses were surrendered by the owner and taken away to receive medical treatment. 

No word on any charges against the owner or whether the horses will be returned to his care. 

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