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Birthday party celebrates survival

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Everyone has their own way of celebrating a birthday. In Richland, it was a unique party for a woman who has an incredible story of survival. "She has nine lives!" said Mary Jane Cox and she is not exaggerating. She and her family decorated the yard of their Suncrest Grove home in Richland with 30 posters; almost all of them chronicling incidents that could have ended her daughter, Christie Clay's life. Clay said, "Well, I was kidnapped when we lived in Houston, Texas; got me back and I was beat at a daycare and nearly drowned and my older sister saved my life that time. I was playing softball, had a head injury and nearly died." Believe it or not, there's more, but Clay did not die and on her 30th birthday, she and her family are celebrating the good things that have happened to her. Clay said, "God gives me some reality checks and I'm blessed with children and my family and my good friends that help me get through everything that's gone wrong in my life." Her mother, Mary Jane Cox said, "She's got good things, too. She has 3 children...11, 4, and 2 and they're all the joy of her life and I just thank God every day." So, the story behind the yard on Suncrest Grove is about survival and one woman's appreciation for life. Christie Clay is philosophical about her perils. She says when she gets upset, she always figures it could've been worse. Happy Birthday Christie.




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