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Prosecution and defense rest in Stanley Cole trial

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The defense has rested in the Stanley Cole Murder trial and closing arguments are set for Monday morning.

The prosecution rested its case early Friday afternoon. The defense called two witnesses, and rested shortly after four.

Prosecutors had been calling witnesses, leading up to what was to be a climatic introduction of a key piece of evidence, Stanley Cole's taped confession.

When prosecutors went to play the video for the jury Friday morning, the VCR wouldn't work.

When they tried to play an audio version, the tape player malfunctioned.

After a short break another tape deck was brought in and Cole's confession was played for jurors, who followed along with a printed transcript.

The audio tape was muddled, and people in the audience, and members of the media couldn't make out what was said.

This evidence was presented while JPD Detective Crystal Tillman was on the stand.

She was in the room with Cole when he finally admitted to killing Norman.

Prosecutors say Cole hid Latasha's body in the trunk of his girlfriends car for days following her disappearance.

He then dumped the body in north Jackson off Brown Street near County Line Road, which he told investigators in his confession.

Defense attorney's, who say Norman's murder was not intentional, urged jurors to return a verdict of manslaughter in opening statements.  That would only carry a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Jurors also have the option of a life sentence.

The jury will take the weekend off and hear closing arguments at nine Monday morning.

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