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Texting while driving still legal in Mississippi

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - New cell phone technology has made all of our lives easier, but when we use them behind the wheel, they can be deadly. Currently 18 states have laws that ban texting by all drivers. Two other states prohibit teens and new drivers from doing the same.

Triple-A has launched a campaign, trying to get more laws banning texting and driving in more states. Currently Mississippi doesn't have a law banning texting and driving, but its not because lawmakers haven't tried.

Representative Billy Broomfield of Moss Point has introduced two texting while driving bills over the last two years. Both have died in committee.

He says when drivers text, they extend the time they're not looking at the road. They also have to remove their hands from the steering wheel. Some even try to drive with their knees.

Broomfield says that lack of attention to other drivers around them, is a recipe for disaster.

 "Looking at the data in Mississippi, my concern was to help save lives. Vehicles are a dangerous weapon. It is a serious weapon if it is not handled correctly, if it doesn't stay in control of the person operating that vehicle" said Broomfield.

According to a recent triple-a survey, one in five U-S drivers admit to texting while driving at least once in the last thirty days.

Also, 80 to 90 percent of American drivers support texting bans.

Until a law is passed in Mississippi, lawmakers and public safety officials are telling everyone to put the phone down, and concentrate on the road.

They're urging parents to remind their young drivers to do the same.

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