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Consumer Reports names top vehicle picks

Shopping for a new car?

Consumer Reports is out with its top picks and best values for 2010, and guess what?

Despite Toyota's troubles, its Lexus LS-460L is Consumer Reports' best car overall.

But at almost $30,000 less, editors picked the Infinity M35 as a better value.

"It may be a bit noisier, the ride comfort may not be quite as good. But over five years its a cheaper car to own than the Lexus," said David Champion of Consumer Reports.

The redesigned Toyota Prius was named best green car and best value for a family car despite the brake recall.

"Ones that have been recalled and fixed we believe are safe for the public to drive," Champion said.

Most of the best minivans and SUVs are Hyundai's and Subaru.

For a family sedan, the Nissan all-time edged out Honda for the first time in 12 years.

"Their fuel economy used to be the best in their class. But fuel economy with Honda now is sort of mid-pack and many other manufactures have got better fuel economy than them," Champion said.

But the Honda Fit is the magazine's best value for a small car.

Only two of the top 10 picks are American brands: both Chevrolet.

Then, there are the worst: four Dodge models topped that list.

"Depreciation is high. Insurance is high. Fuel economy is poor," said Champion.

Overall, editors found this year's car are safer and more reliable than ever.

We asked auto manufacturers for their input.

They called Consumer Reports credible but noted there are many other groups that rate the cars you drive.

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