COPY-Barbour vetoes $79M Miss. budget restoration bill - - Jackson, MS

Barbour vetoes $79M Miss. budget restoration bill

JACKSON, MS (AP) - Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has followed through on his promise to veto a bill that would've restored more than one-fifth of the budget cuts he has made.

The veto was issued Wednesday, and it's expected to stand. There are not enough Senate votes for a two-thirds majority it would take to override.

Barbour has been saying for days that he disagrees with the way the $79 million would be distributed.

The bill would've put most of the money into education, but Barbour said prisons and other programs need some of their funding restored before the fiscal year ends June 30.

Legislators are expected to consider a separate budget restoration plan.

The bill is Senate Bill 2688.

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