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Green, healthy living emphasized in "St. Andrews Presents Deco"

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Step into the new condos in the Citiview Building on State Street in Jackson, and it's obvious that top-notch designers have been at work. Elegant furniture, exquisite artwork, and not a penny spared.

Or so it seems.

Believe it or not, the items inside are made out of found or recycled materials.

Atlanta designer Jillian Pritchard Cooke is a breast cancer survivor. She's embraced the concept of green and healthy living, for "Wellness Within your Walls".

"The materials featured throughout both residences are nontoxic paints, we're using textiles that are cotton, linen, jute, silk, wool," Jillian said.  "In the dying process we're leaning more toward low impact dyes wherever possible and organic fabrics."

She and another designer worked with Jackson native Laurie Smith to choose the layout of the two condos, both modern, open plans, and also the color schemes. The furniture was all bought locally and made from re-used or recycled materials.

The project is called "St. Andrews Presents Deco." Artist Anthony DiFatta is one of about 100 St. Andrews Episcopal School parents who have lent their time and skills. He held workshops for students, who created some of the artwork.

"What does it mean to be environmentally conscious?  I asked them questions like that. We wrote down the quotes they gave," DiFatta said, pointing to a majestic piece of art hanging in the living room of one of the condos.  The students helped create the piece, which is simply words on a canvas.   

Barry Plunkett knows the owner of the Citiview building and helped spearhead the Deco project. He's overseeing every step.  "These (condos) are so bright and vibrant, they really kick," he said.  "It's great to see what these designers can do."

The artwork hanging in the halls was made out of debris from Hurricane Katrina. It will be auctioned off Saturday night.

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