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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Erosion problem in Byram

By David Kenney - bio | email

BYRAM, MS (WLBT) - A Byram man said Wednesday the land around his home is slowly sinking. Could the house be next?  The problem was fixed once, but the sink holes keep coming back.

It's all occurring at Michael Hall's home on Gator Drive in the Terry Road Estates subdivision.  Hall's home is only about three years old, which is why he can't understand why he's already having this problem.

"Erosion!  Can't cut my yard right; dirt won't stay there; grass won't stay there. Having serious problems.  My storm drain is cracked and Siwell Utility don't want to come and fix it, and the person that sold me the property, Classic Builders, the builder don't wanna come out," said Hall.

Michael Hall said last spring, Siwell Utility, who handles drainage in the subdivision, did come out and cover up a sinkhole on the east side of his home. Since then, more runoff has caused more erosion. There's even more on the west side of his home.

Hall said he's called the builder and utility company four times, with no response.

"I'm unable to get in contact with them to do anything with it."

We contacted Classic Builders and Siwell Utility who say they never received a call from Hall after they went out and fixed the storm drain last year. They also said Hall's problems are outside of his one year home warranty, and they have the documentation to prove that.

Hall sent Classic Builders a claim letter from his insurance company, trying to get compensated for an injury he received by stepping in one of the sink holes.  He hopes someone will claim responsibility and fix the problems soon.

Hall said, "I believe it'll improve the quality of life for me as far as the value of the house. They're still building so they done my house like that. Who else house they done like that?"

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