Repeat thief hides the goods in his pants - - Jackson, MS

Repeat thief hides the goods in his pants

BLOOMFIELD, CT (NBC) - A recurrent thief at a convenience store in Connecticut seems to have a passion for just one thing and it's not cash.

He steals "Red Bull" the energy drink.

A surveillance camera put up at a Mobile On The Run store in Bloomfield shows the man stuffing can after can of Red Bull down his pants.

As he took the cans out of the refrigerator, he kept looking back at the clerk checking to see if anyone was watching him.

On Monday, the man made off with at least 17 cans of the high energy drink in his pants.

This is not the first time this store has had thefts of Red Bull and the owner believes it's the same man who is taking them time after time.

He's just hoping someone will recognize the thief and turn him in.

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