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Rally at state capitol to free Scott sisters

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - For nearly 16 years the Scott sisters have been behind bars serving double life sentences.   Their crime?  Two counts of armed robbery.  Thursday dozens rallied at the state capitol and voiced that in this case the punishment does not fit the crime.  They wanted both sisters released.

34 year old Gladys Scott and 38 year old Jamie Scott have been behind bars for more than 15 years.  The women were convicted of two counts of armed robbery from an incident back in December 1993.  Three males were also involved in the robbery.  Two of them were teenagers that testified against the Scotts.

Only $11 was stolen and no one was hurt, but a jury decided the sisters should serve two life sentences each.  "The crime that these allegedly young ladies does not merit the double life sentences that they were given," said District 28 State Senator Alice Harden.

Both women are mothers.  A blog, complete with pictures of their children and grandchildren, pleads for help.   "This case has been through trial.  It has had an appeal.  It has actually had a post conviction.  Usually after you get finished with all of that you're dead and buried.  It's almost impossible to do anything, but we have to make the impossible possible," said attorney Chokwe Lumumba who is representing the Gladys and Jamie Scott.

Jamie Scott is in the hospital due to kidney failure.  Charles Evers who organized the rally said a compassionate release from Governor Haley Barbour is the Scott sisters' last hope.   "The Governor and I happen to be political friends.  And I feel like if I have any influence with a man that's a friend of mine I'll ask him to release these young ladies because they deserve it," said Evers. 

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