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Caught on Tape: Basket Brawl

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GREENVILLE, SC (NBC) - A post-season basketball game at a Greenville County, South Carolina high school was overshadowed by a brawl at the end of the game.

Abbeville High School played at Southside High School in the 2A Upper State semifinal. It was a very competitive game, with Southside holding off Abbeville for the win.

After the final buzzer came chaos.

Law enforcement was called to Southside Wednesday night after the brawl broke out at the end of the playoff game.

The atmosphere throughout game was intense and Abbeville came in undefeated. Southside was the reigning 2A state champion.

Abbeville brought so many fans to the game that at times, it sounded like Southside was the road team.

The two teams fiercely competed, but tempers flared at the final buzzer, getting the better of players and many of the fans.

With Southside winning the game, the Tigers will now wait to see if any of its players are suspended for the 2A Upper State final game Saturday at the Bi-Lo Center.

Abbeville Athletic Director Tad Dubose called the brawl "disgraceful."

Southside coach B.J. Jackson also said after the game, "All that can happen now is that everyone learn from it."
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