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Craigslist deal, a robbery set-up

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DAYTON, OH (NBC) - Police in Dayton, Ohio are investigating a Craigslist deal gone bad.

A Cincinnati man was shot in the leg after he brought 1986 Camaro to Dayton to meet a potential buyer.

Investigators say the sale was a set-up for a robbery.

During the transaction several men came from behind a nearby home and started shooting.  A bullet hit the seller in the leg.  The sellers were also armed, and fired back.  It's not clear if any of the suspects were hit.

Police said the suspects drove away in the Camaro. Dayton police have named a suspect in the shooting.  Officers are looking for Terrell Garrett, 19, of Dayton.

He was last seen driving the 1986 blue Camaro, license plate number DTU 2800.

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