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Felony animal cruelty bill dies in committee

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JACKSON, MS (WBLT) - As of Tuesday, Mississippi will continue to remain one of four states in the nation that does not have a felony animal cruelty charge against cats and dogs.

The bill that would have made animal cruelty a felony passed overwhelmingly in the Senate last month. Senate Bill 2623 needed to go through the House Agriculture Committee before it could be brought up in front of the full House of Representatives. However, Chairman of Agriculture Greg Ward didn't address this bill, nor did he give WLBT a reason why when he was asked for an interview.

A similar bill was brought up in the Senate and passed a few years back. However, once it reached the House Agriculture Committee, it was never brought up.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau has brought up concerns with this bill saying it could affect farming practices in the state. WLBT did try to contact Farm Bureau President David Waide for an interview, but he was not available.

Groups like Mississippi Fighting Animal Cruelty Together have spoken out largely about this issue stating that evidence shows the correlation between violence against animals and violence against people.

Meanwhile, Mississippi does have a first offense felony against livestock.

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