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Car salesman shot during test drive

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MEDFORD, OR (NBC) - A Medford, Oregon car salesman was shot during a test drive Saturday. He is now home from the hospital recovering and for the first time, he's telling his story.

Thirty-two year old Robert Johnson says his survival is nothing short of a miracle.

He is now recovering at home just three days after being shot in the abdomen.  He says he's so happy just to be alive.

Saturday, Johnson, a car salesman, took 49-year-old Clayton Huff of Eagle Point out to test drive a vehicle.

He says Huff shot him while trying to steal the car and kidnap him.

"I wouldn't let him put me in the trunk; I wouldn't let him put me down without a fight so I'm pretty proud of myself as far as that goes I survived I wouldn't let him kill me."

The gunshot wound went into Johnson's abdomen through his right side.

Somehow the bullet did not hit any of his internal organs.

Huff, has pled not guilty of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping charges.

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