State workers rally for better pay - - Jackson, MS

State workers rally for better pay

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - State workers are speaking out about the need for better pay, and better treatment from the state.

The Mississippi Alliance for State Employees held a news conference at the capitol Wednesday morning voicing their concerns over the state's budget situation. MASE president, Brenda Scott said the governor's way of balancing the budget is partly to blame.

State workers have not received a pay increase in over three years, and because of this, Scott says the pockets of state workers have paid the price.

Tracy Pirtoe, who works at the Department of Corrections, said, "This has got to stop, so state employees can have a degree of confidence in their jobs and in their future. Putting more money into the hands of working people, in my opinion is better for the economy."

This comes at a time, when the governor has talked about increasing the percentage state workers pay out of their retirement.

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