Medicare cuts could create problems for physicians down the road - - Jackson, MS

Medicare cuts could create problems for physicians down the road

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - While some state funds could be restored, doctors across Mississippi just found out that federal funds to Medicare will be cut 21 percent. 

The possibility lingers for some doctors that they may have to turn new Medicare patients.

Dr. Scott Torrey is a family practitioner at St. Dominic's Family Practice in Madison, MS. He wants what's best for his patients, but after Congress announced a 21 percent slice to Medicare funding on Monday, he realizes his practice may have to make adjustments.

"Medicare patients are elderly patients. Elderly patients tend to have a lot more issues going on."

Those issues translate to dollars when it comes to proper treatment. Dollars Dr. Torrey says would either have to come out of the pockets of doctors or patients.

"If you see a lot of medicare patients and you're not getting the inflow that you're used to getting, you might not, it's going to be difficult to pay the bills more or less."

These 21 percent cuts were supposed to take effect immediately, but on Tues. night the Senate voted to delay these cuts for an additional month.

Meanwhile, President Obama discussed the need for all Americans to have health care coverage at a nurses summit on Wednesday.

"I believe it's time to give the American people more control over their health care and their health insurance."

However, for Medicare and Medicaid, the President says government is out of control with these costs.

"And the rising costs for medicare and medicaid could sink our government deeper, and deeper, and deeper into debt."

As for Dr. Torrey, he's hoping for the best, but realizes the best may not be yet to come.

"And it really is disheartening as a physician when we want to do the right thing for our patients, we know the things that we need to do for our patients and there's financial issues where we can't do the things that we need to."

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