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Michelle Obama Visits Brinkley Middle School

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By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - First lady Michelle Obama spent almost two hours at Brinkley Middle School. Her first stop, a round table discussion in the lunchroom with Governor Haley Barbour, and Mayor Harvey Johnson and school nutritionists, brainstorming on ways to make school lunches healthier.

Governor Barbour began the meeting addressing Michelle saying, "You are a leader and it needs to be done and it's not about party politics it's not about anything except we can have better lives for our children."

The highlight of the visit, a pep rally promoting Lets Move, the first lady's initiative to fight childhood obesity, by providing kids better meals and encouraging exercise.

After a warm welcome from a packed house the first lady told the crowd, "We have to figure out what we can do together in this country to help our kids in the country live healthy active live and to stay that way for the rest of our lives."

Michelle Obama promised the kids if they did their part, she'd get the food and drug administration to put more nutritional facts on food labels, get more grocery stores and farmers markets into the inner city, and provide more funding for healthier lunches.

"There are about six point five million kids who can't walk down the street and go to a grocery store because their communities don't have grocery stores. Part of lets move is to eliminate that. Because we can't tell people to buy fresh foods if there's no where to buy it, right?" said Obama.  

Those in the audience say Michelle Obama inspired them to live a healthy lifestyle.

Restaurant owner and a regular Midday Mississippi guest Chef Luis Bruno left the rally saying, "The first lady is a huge deal, it not just like me I've been trying to push this thing for about five years.  She's very important she has a title where she can put a lot of effort into it and move Mississippi forward a lot faster."


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