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Jackson business owners call pothole-ridden roads an embarrassment

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Business owners on River Ridge Drive and Dunbarton Drive are fed up with numerous potholes dotting the streets.  Recent heavy rains have only added to their number.  Business owners called 3 on Your Side for help.

"Very slow, I can't go fast," said Shanda Bates, describing how she drives. "I have to be very careful, and I have to be cautious."

"Horrible, horrible, they got to be the worst street in Jackson," said Richard Aiken with Aiken Insurance on Dunbarton Drive.

Aiken and other business owners called the pothole-ridden roads an embarrassment Thursday. 

"My clients are coming to my building and they're having to have this wear and tear on their cars.  So, it's not real professional when they're having people come, and they're having to dodge holes left and right," said Lyle McAllister of McAllister Capital Management.

Mississippi Blood Services is located on River Ridge Drive.  Public Relations Manager Tony Bahou said it can be down right dangerous for donors trying to cross the street. 

"During the rain it's a little treacherous.  I've seen people fall and slip and hurt themselves not just the vehicles, but if you are just a pedestrian trying to walk the street to Penn's or wherever it's dangerous as well," said Bahou.

Business owners said pothole patching does not work.   They need a new street.  "(It needs to be) completely be repaved.  This road and River Ridge both need to be repaved," said Aiken.

Councilman Jeff Weill said that is exactly the plan.  These are two of 10 streets scheduled to be repaved in Ward 1.

"It will be finished according to folks at the city by August," said Weill.  "They promised me. Then believe me, I will be on them like white on rice to get it done."

Councilman Weill said the repaving work is scheduled to start once the temperature remains above 50 degrees.

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