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Mississippians will have the chance to vote on voter ID

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JACKSON, MS -- Secretary of state Delbert Hosemann made the official announcement on Monday that Mississippians will have the chance to vote on voter ID during the 2011 election.

Hosemann says it's needed in a state where voter fraud has been an issue in the past. In addition, he says Mississippians are already required to show identification in most instances.

"It only makes sense to most Mississippians because of every instance of using photo identification from riding an airplane to cashing a check," Hosemann.

It's a move that House Democrats initially proposed during the 2009 legislative session. Once this bill reached the Senate, some Republicans shot it down saying Mississippi needed a "cleaner" piece of legislation.

"We've had people saying, you know we're just trying to generate voters to the polls and intimidate voters, and those types of things, and that's just hogwash," said Sen. Joey Filligane.

The House's proposal would have opted for an early voting option for Mississippians. Something NAACP President Derrick Johnson agrees with that's based on North Carolina's model.

"North Carolina currently has early voting. They have same day registration and voting. And they don't require any voter ID."

At the beginning of next year's session, both the House of Representatives and Senate will have the chance to add an additional measure to the voter ID ballot if they choose to do so. However, they cannot take anything out of the current voter ID measure.

Mississippi is currently only one of seven states in the nation that does not require some form of identification to vote.

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