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Attorney General warned residents of new scams

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – An alert for citizens from the Attorney General, beware of new scams from fake IRS emails to credit union phishing.

They all want your personal information.

Attorney General Jim Hood warned of a new phishing scam targeting credit union members.

Via email, pop ups and text message, credit union members are told their account has been frozen, and they need to call an 800 number to get it re-instated.

"We've had a victim in Mississippi whose account has been cleaned out," said Hood.

Many fall prey to the imposters and call because they want to avoid bounced checks and access to their funds.

"They're using different names of different credit unions and you know please call this number so you call the number and then they ask for your personal information and then they get into your account," said Hood.

You can also be a target of a scammer the next time you open an email thinking it's from a friend.

"It's primarily happening on Hotmail accounts," said the state's top legal officer.

Hood described the scam Spoofing as when an email that appears to come from someone you know.

When it's opened scammers can get the names of everyone in your address book.

He said a local judge was recently spoofed with this message.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you I was taking a trip over to London, misplaced my wallet. I need $800.00 to get out of the hotel, and we know people that have actually sent money to these people thinking they're helping a friend," stated legal adviser.

The A.G.'s Office is also investigating a security breach involving Hancock Fabrics where customer information was stolen when their credit cards were swiped.

"They get in and see your pin number if you use a credit card," added Hood.

Hancock Fabrics, which is based in Baldwyn Mississippi, announced that some data in eight states may have been compromised.

The head of the state's legal agency said Mississippi is one of a few states without a Security Breach Notification Law.

Hood supports pending House Bill 583 that would require a business or state agency to notify an individual if their personal information was been improperly acquired.

The house bill was amended in the senate and is now back in the house for reconsideration.

The attorney general advised citizens to retain valid numbers for your bank, credit union and credit card companies and call those numbers if you think they have contacted you.

If you receive calls, texts or emails other communication from suspicious sources trying to collect your personal information through scams document the numbers and addresses and turn them into the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

That number is 1-800-281-4418.

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