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Smash-and-dash robberies in the Fondren Business District

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

Just nine days after Fondren-area residents and business owners met with law enforcement to find crime-fighting solutions, more smash-and-dash robberies occurred early Thursday morning.

Four businesses were broken into sometime around 3 a.m. Plate glass windows were smashed at Interiors Market in Woodland Hills Shopping Center.

On North State Street storefronts were under repair. Burglars kicked in the door at Campbell's Bakery. All in all,  Fondren merchants and others say they are fed up with crime.

According to Erica Speed, a member of the Board of Fondren Renaissance Foundation, "We've got to have some accountability. The message has got to be we are not putting up with it anymore. And none of us are going anywhere."

Allison Hopton Davis agreed when WLBT asked for her first reaction. "Oh my gosh. Why again? This is something that our business district is getting...well. Is irritated about? I guess, I'm so stunned the words just don't even come out of my mouth."

Business owners said the thieves didn't get away with much. A recent shooting in the Fondren area of Jackson prompted residents to look for solutions to stop violent crime.

Last Tuesday residents and business owners met in the heart of Fondren to organize the West Fondren Neighborhood Association.

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