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3 On Your Side Alert - Con artists hawking phony laptops

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

HAZLEHURST, MS (WLBT) - A Wesson family is left holding the box following a computer scam. Brand new laptops for just $200 bucks. They called 3 On Your Side to help warn others about a deal too good to be true.

Jacqueline Little and her family were shopping in Hazlehurst Saturday afternoon. Two men approached with a deal. They claimed to be with FexEx, and just happened to have two extra Sony laptops for sale. According to Little the men claimed, "We're just selling them trying to make some extra money, not stolen, it's not hot product."

This young mother said everything appeared legit. It wasn't. "Oh look at that $724 dollars clearance and he was going to sell it to you for 200 bucks? 200 bucks." To prove their credibility they had a real computer on display in their vehicle. The Little's were told not to unwrap the computers in case they wanted to return them. "I was like, we can't open it up. It was too late then they had got the money and flew out of the parking lot,"said the woman in disbelief.

And much to their surprise, "When you did open the box they pulled out a plastic notebook binder. Even notebook paper to make it appear heavier. There was no computer.

The con men even threw in a 6-foot extension cord pretending it was a charger. "I said oh my God, they took my kids last money," said Little.

A common scam according to Madison police. They busted two Jackson men hawking 7 phony laptops in December. Ray Charles Kersh and Corey Jermaine Bridges of Jackson were charged with conspiracy to commit false pretense.  On a routine traffic stop, officers discovered seven fake computers designed to look like an Apple MacBook. 

Investigators said the two were traveling around selling the bogus computers for $200. And victims were actually buying a three ring binder and an extension cord carefully packaged together.

That's exactly what Jacqueline got for her money about five dollars worth of nothing.  

The men were black males. One appeared to be between 20 - 25 years old.  The other possibly in his 30's.  They were driving in a late model Chrysler 300M with a Hinds County tag.

The vehicle had tinted windows. If you have any information on these suspect call Hazlehurst or Jackson Police.

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