Landlord allegedly thrown off property in pit bull confrontation - - Jackson, MS

Landlord allegedly thrown off property in pit bull confrontation

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A Jackson landlord was upset that he was thrown off his property when he confronted a tenant about her pit bulls.

Charles "Mickey" Jenkins said the incident left him feeling that he had no rights.

He was angered by J.P.D.'s response. 

But the renter said her dogs posed no danger and the property owner was retaliating  against her.

Jenkins said he went to his property on Dewey Street Monday to oversee repairs when he discovered that his tenant had four pit bulls in the back yard.

The 55-year old feared the dogs would harm small children at the duplex and at nearby Clausell Elementary School.

The landlord said when he told renter Ametra Enochs that the dogs violated city ordinances she called the Jackson Police Department.

According to Jenkins, the responding officer was rude and wouldn't listen to him.

"Two or three times she asked me to leave my property and I said 'Isn't animal control part of the police?' She said 'It is, but you've got to call them yourself'," said Jenkins.

He dialed 911 and asked for Animal Control and a supervisor but neither arrived.

"While they were here a white Cadillac showed up and they put two of the pit bull dogs in there," said the Jackson landlord.

Ametra Enochs lived at the duplex and would not comment on camera but said the officer told her to remove two dogs and she did.

She said the remaining dogs are a Bull Mastiff and a Pit Bull puppy born in August.

Enochs said they are chained and fenced in.  She also said Jenkins allowed her to have the animals but was now trying to get back at her because her oven recently caught fire and she's asking for repairs.

"They should be able to get together and work this out," said J.P.D. Spokesman Officer Joseph Daughtry. 

Jackson police said the city dog ordinance allows residents to own two adult animals.

"If all four of the animals were adults that person as any citizen has the right to contact Code Enforcement and let Code Enforcement go through the proper channels," said Daughtry.

Jenkins said he would file a complaint against the officer and wanted to warn area residents of the danger in Enoch's back yard.

Enoch said she would move if Jenkins let her out of her lease.

The property owner wanted his tenant to have the remaining dogs vaccinated and registered with the city.

Daughtry said citizens are often dissatisfied and disagree with officer enforcement  and want to file complaints which are within their rights.

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