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Know Preoperative, Operative, and Postoperative Expectations

No contact lenses prior to evaluation and surgery - can you go for an extended period of time without wearing contact lenses?

Have a thorough exam

Read and understand the informed consent

No makeup before surgery

Arrange for transportation

Plan to take a few days to recover

Expect not to see clearly for a few days

Know sights, smells, sounds of surgery

Be prepared to take drops/medications

Be prepared to wear an eye shield

Expect some pain/discomfort

Know when to seek help

Know when to expect your vision to stop changing

Make sure your refraction is stable before any further surgery

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- if you don't get the desired result, do you know not to have an enhancement until the prescription stops changing?- are you aware that final results could take up to months? - do you understand what problems could occur and when to seek medical intervention? - do you know how much pain to expect? - do you know you need to protect the eye for a period of time after surgery to avoid injury?- are you willing and able to put drops in your eyes at regular intervals? - has your doctor made you feel comfortable with the actual steps of the procedure? - do you know you will not see clearly immediately? - can you take time off to take it easy for a couple of days if necessary? - can someone drive you home after surgery? - can you go 24-36 hours without makeup prior to surgery? - has your doctor given you an informed consent form to take home and answered all your questions? - have you arranged not to drive or work after the exam?

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