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Woman complained police made up arrest charges

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A Jackson woman accused a police officer of trumping up charges against her as a vendetta.

But police are skeptical of the claim and said they were enforcing the law.

Calesha Esco believed her arrest and those of her two sisters Sunday morning were unwarranted.

"I feel authority figures are abusing their authority," said Esco.

The Jackson resident said her sister Latonya Naylor called police to her Meadow Lane home to report that her car was vandalized.

According to Esco, during a heated conversation Naylor exchanged words with the officer and was later arrested.

Esco was contacted to watch Naylor's children.

The aspiring rapper said she arrived and began asking the officer questions and was soon headed to jail.

"Her name is Sandra Barnes. She was like 'Well Calesha I know you and that's why you're not gonna make it with an attitude like that' because she was once or I guess was security at one of my shows," said Esco.

The 31 year old said she went inside and then the officer went through her purse.

"She didn't have any right to go into my little sister's car and dump my stuff out and get my I. D. Then she asked the other officer if it's ok if I can tow her car? Why you gonna tow a car and it's in my sister's yard?" asked Esco.

The Jackson entertainer said she was taken into custody when the officer gave her back her identification.

"We at the Jackson Police Department we don't target anyone, but we do enforce the law," said J.P.D. Spokesman Officer Joseph Daughtry.

According to Jackson police, Esco has had numerous arrests dating back to 2001.

The charges included disorderly conduct, simple assault, stalking, shoplifting, possession of marijuana, disturbing the peace and false pretense.

"That's one side of the story. You weren't there and I wasn't there and until we actually get a chance to talk to the officer and read the actual report we can't comment on it. There's a lot of things she can say that happened but neither one of us was there, and we don't know what happened," said Daughtry.

Esco said she and family members are worried about the initial threat and police reaction.

Sunday the Jackson resident was charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and resisting arrest.

She is in the process of filing a complaint with Internal Affairs.

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