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One month left in Clinton's version of "The Biggest Loser"

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  Clinton Junior High teacher Tammy Carney didn't even think about going away for spring break this year. She didn't want to miss the weekly boot camp for Clinton's version of NBC's "Biggest Loser."

"I wanted to lose a little more weight and see what I could do and try and get a little further up in this competition, try to keep up and not lose that intensity I feel like I've gained," said Carney.

Carney is one of 16 parents and teachers vying to drop the most weight in the competition, sponsored by the Clinton Public School District. Those who didn't leave for spring break say the week gives them extra time to work on their goals.

For Kenisha Potter, it means an extra chance to share her new lifestyle with her daughter.

"She's usually at home, doing her homework when I'm trying to workout, something like that, but this week she's able to join me a lot more.  We've been exercising actually together," said Potter.

Meanwhile, the man in second place is trying to steal back the lead while the top contender is on vacation.

"I had a pizza delivered to her house last night!" joked Eric Jonkman. "But no, I hope she's doing well.  It's been a great challenge."

But even with the enthusiasm, some contestants aren't seeing the numbers on the scale budge as much as they had hoped.

"They've hit a mental wall. Of course, some of them have plateaued a little, so maybe changing the workouts a little will help," said Patrick Conn, fitness director at the Baptist Healthplex.

As for Carney, she said what helps her keep going is knowing she's done enough.

"I feel like what I've done is right for me, and I know I've worked hard. I feel like I've given all I could give," said Carney. "It's about doing what's best for me."

The 12-week competition kicked off it's eighth week March 18th at the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton.

The winner of the competition will be announced April 24th. He or she will receive a $3,500 prize package.

Watch WLBT every Thursday for the latest on the contestant's progress as they work toward trimming their waistlines and winning the prize.

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