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Weight limits being enforced

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By Ashley Conroy - email

Jackson, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi Department of Transportation announced Thursday, it is changing the weight limit restriction signs for large commercial trucks. The new signs will be posted on bridges around the state.

Currently, there are almost 2,800 bridges in Mississippi with weight limit restrictions. These bridges *have* signs, but MDOT wanted to get *new* signs out, as the older ones need to be replaced.

MDOT will be enforcing these weight limit restrictions as usual. Willie Huff, MDOT Director, said "We stopped a vehicle last week that crossed one of these posted bridges that weighed 69,000 pounds more than the weight limit on the bridge."

Mitch Carr, a state bridge engineer, said "The purpose of these signs is to simply the information regarding the weight limits on the posted bridges themselves."

The penalty for driving on a bridge with too much weight will either be a misdemeanor traffic citation - or - a fine based on how much weight a truck is carrying over the limit for the bridge.

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