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Disabled citizens fight for Jatran improvements

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By David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A group of disabled Jackson residents fighting for improvements to the Jatran bus system, could be one step closer to a compromise. The plaintiffs in the case, and the City of Jackson have created a consent decree, which was the result of a lawsuit and complaint filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act with the Department of Justice.

Several disabled Jackson residents said the Jatran bus service was unreliable. Wheelchair lifts often didn't work, and many found themselves stranded around town.

Under the agreement, the city promised to repair their broken handicapped-accessible buses.

Now there's concern about a clause in the agreement that would allow the city to shut the bus system down, which many feel is unfair. 

"We know they can close the system, they can shut it down anytime they want to obviously but to put that language into a consent decree, that has been developed as the result of a lawsuit, filed against the city by people with disabilities, because the system is failing them is just intimidation," said Christy Dunaway, Executive Director of Living Independently for Everyone. 

The City of Jackson declined to comment on the consent decree, until city council members had been briefed on it. The consent decree will be discussed before the entire city council, during their regular meeting Tuesday night.

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