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Business owner shoots suspected car-part thief

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A suspected auto parts thief was in the hospital Tuesday night, after being caught trespassing and shot by the property owner.

The shooting happened at M and B Auto Parts on Country Club Drive. The owner, Masoud Bayati, said he's constantly having problems with people sneaking onto his lot, and taking car parts

Tuesday afternoon, Bayati was walking through his lot when he found a man sitting inside one of his trucks armed with an axe. When he told the man he was calling police, and he needed to leave, the man charged at him.

Bayati says he grabbed a shotgun and fired, hitting the man in the leg. The shooting victim, now identified as 46-year-old Curtis Wright, was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Masoud Bayati was interviewed by JPD detectives, but he is not facing any charges at this time.

"I shot him in the leg; he was just trying to come to me and I told him not to come to me. He didn't know I had a shotgun. The shotgun was laying beside the car when he got close to me. I told him not to come to me. He got close to me. I put a shotgun inside the white car and I shot him," said Bayati.

WLBT  profiled Bayati and his burglaries several times back in early 2008. At that time he was having problems with thieves stealing catalytic converters out of cars on his junkyard on Northside Drive. He said he's put guard dogs inside his lot and even bought large locks to secure it but the thieves kill the dogs and cut the locks.

Wright is facing numerous charges, including grand larceny. Bayati's case will go before a grand jury but there's almost no chance they'll indict him because of the castle law.

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