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Postal scam in the Vicksburg area

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

A 3 On Your Side warning about a sweepstakes scam in the Vicksburg area.

A WLBT viewer says his 83-year-old mother-in-law received a check for over $3,000 dollars. Alex Morales was surprised to learn his elderly mother in law had a windfall coming, allegedly from Readers Digest. "$3,380.80," he said as he read the check.

He showed us a letter bearing what appears to be a legitimate Reader's Digest logo and contact information. It spelled out the Vicksburg woman's winnings and promised her the grand prize of $130,000 if she cashed this check. "What worries me is my mother in law is going to be the one to lose this money out of her checking account." 

Her son-in-law knew something wasn't right, so he started making calls to the bank listed on the check in Los Angeles." The bank president told me they would decline it." There are tell tale signs of trouble. The check also list Amalthea International, Inc. on the envelope. We found it was mailed from out of Canada. But it was what you cannot see on the fake check that was startling. The check looks perfectly legal but when we Xeroxed it, it came up with void all over the place.

The letter says call to process you claim and activate the counterfeit check. We ask Alex to try and call the number on the letter and speak with the prize award administrator. They hung on him. And we couldn't get them to answer again.

Another red flag that con artists are running a game, experts warn victims would likely be asked to wire money to someone after cashing the check. Money victims would never see again.

For more information.  Look for the star link at the bottom of the page "postal inspectors preserving the trust."

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