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Personal care home shut down

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A group of vulnerable adults forced to live in horrible conditions have been rescued by state investigators. They were found living in a personal care home in south Jackson Tuesday.

The home is located at 936 Woody Drive in south Jackson. The home is located in a quiet neighborhood, and is in pretty good shape, which is why neighbors weren't immediately aware that there was a problem inside this house.

State Health Department officials say they received a tip that there was overcrowding and other problems at the personal care home. When they arrived, they found 16 people living inside the three bedroom house.

In Mississippi, if a care home has over four residents, they must be licensed by the state. This one wasn't. Most of the residents were males. They were all relocated to other licensed homes in the area.

The state is not releasing the name of the person running the care home, or give any details on the charges they now face.

Ann Maclaine of Disability Rights Mississippi says, "Under the law right now if there's less than four people they don't have to be licensed so no one's policing that. If there's four or more they're supposed to be licensed by the Department of Human Services, but they don't have enough people to keep up on that."

Many personal care homes are allowed to operate under the radar because there simply aren't enough resources to monitor them all.

The best advice advocates can give is that if you have to place someone in one of these homes, always check to see if they're licensed with the state.

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