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Gaming Commission shuts down bingo hall

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi Gaming Commission is slamming the doors on a Mississippi bingo hall because the charity it benefits violated charitable gaming regulations.

The Commission announced its final decision on the matter at its regular meeting Thursday morning in Jackson.

It found that the Fine Arts Institute of Mississippi, or FAIM, violated a number of regulations related to reporting and improper spending.

The Ridgeland-based charity received the bulk of its funds from Boxcar Bingo, based in Olive Branch.

FAIM director Bill Murphy said he plans to appeal the gaming commission's decision to revoke the bingo hall's license.

"I'm being singled out because the girl I fired for embezzling money came running to you guys to do a story on her, and has been running to you guys, running to the attorney general's office, running to the gaming commission claiming to be a whistle blower," said Murphy.

"It's important here to understand that this commission was narrowly focused on, did the charity meet the regulations by law to operate bingo in Mississippi, and clearly, we believe they didn't," said Jerry St. Pe, chairman of the Gaming Commission.

Former FAIM employee Silbrina Wright declined to comment. She will go on trial in May for embezzlement charges in Madison County.

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