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Magee tornado, one year later

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It was one year ago today that a EF-3 tornado tore through Simpson County. The city of Magee took the biggest hit, with over sixty homes damaged and nearly twenty people injured.

Most of Magee has recovered from the tornado surprisingly well, most of the damaged homes have been rebuilt, as well as churches and businesses. Probably the biggest transformation has taken place at Corinth Baptist Church on Highway 28.

The brick church was knocked off it's foundation, and destroyed by the strong storm.

The new structure includes two floors of classrooms, and a fellowship hall that is twice as large as their old one. Connected to that is a state of the art kitchen.

Much of the carpentry work and other construction on the church was done by volunteers who came in from 17 different states. City leaders say they're pleased with the community wide effort to bring Magee back to where it was.

"It's been amazing everyone came together, M.E.M.A. helped us, everyone helped each other. The church communities pulled together as you see on your surveys were just about back, there's a few things we need to do with our water tank but other than that, were back to where we were a year ago," says Magee Mayor Jimmy Clyde.

Magee Emergency Management officials say the tornado taught them a lot. They've now updated their emergency plans with the schools and the hospitals.

If another tornado does hit again, they say they're better prepared and have the resources in place to make sure all the residents there are taken care of.

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