Nathan’s Laws could die in committee at midnight - - Jackson, MS

Nathan’s Laws could die in committee at midnight

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A school bus safety bill known as Nathan's Law is in jeopardy of dying if a compromise is not reached by midnight.

The original bill passed the senate unanimously but was changed in a house committee.

It is named after five year-old Nathan Key of Jones county who was killed December 11th by a passing motorist as he got off a school bus.

His parents Andy and Lori Key said Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Ed Blackmon made amendments that watered down the law and weaken current penalties.

The Keys said taken out of the bill were felony charges for injuring a child, a 30 foot buffer zone around stopped buses, holding owner responsible if vehicle flees the scene.

"Our children aren't that important. that's the message that we're getting by Mr. Blackmon removing all of this and currently what he has done he has even removed the jail time that was in the school bus safety law," said Lori Key.

"The senate has re-submitted to Ed Blackmon the original bill with the stipulations in it asking him to accept it and let it go to the governor to be signed."

Rep. Blackmon could not be reached for comment.

The Keys plan to re-submit the original bill to lawmakers during the next legislative session.

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