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Street blocked while sewer problem inspected

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Residents of Eastover say a major street in their neighborhood has been closed for several weeks without explanation. For more than three weeks now, East Northside Drive has been closed from Eastwood to Eastridge Roads.

After some digging WLBT finally got some answers from city officials, and they have temporarily resolved the problem. 

Residents who drive on Northside Drive say the metal barricade just appeared one day, and no workers have been seen since. Someone even took out their frustration, by putting up a sign saying, "Mayor Johnson, take down this wall."

Resident Mark Walenczyk said, "We don't know what's going on because we don't have any communication with the city."

City officials didn't immediately answer our calls Monday. We ran into city spokesman Chris Mims at city hall.

Mims said, "It's a broken sewer line, city crews thought they would be able to go and make that repair, upon inspection of the line we realized it was a major project we would have to complete and it would cost some 85 thousand that was unbudgeted."

The city says they've now found the money somewhere in the public works budget, but couldn't give us a timeline on when the sewer line repairs would begin. They also made immediate steps to get traffic flowing again, upon our inquiry.

"We made a temporary fix this afternoon and we hope to be able to open the road up at least until we can start the major work on the project. We're going to make every effort to block the road in a way that will allow access but as major work continues, it could be blocked all together," said Mims.

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