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Local students sell goods in virtual city

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Brandon Elementary students ran their own small businesses Tuesday morning, in their own virtual city. It's all part of a school project for the school's gifted 5th graders.

The students named their city Cashington, D.C. It's set up at Hinds Community College in Pearl.

Shoppers can use virtual dollars to purchase merchandise created by the students. Organizers said the goal is to teach students about small business and municipal government. And they hope students will learn other lessons as well.

"I think besides being a good citizen, the most important thing is planning. They'll be moving on to sixth grade next year, a different campus, a different responsibility, and I hope this will help them be ready to be successful there," said Ellen Gray, a teacher at Brandon Elementary.

"We've learned a lot," said Eli Grunblatt, a 5th grader in the school's gifted program. "To start things before the week before."

Brandon Elementary will use this year's profits to buy new laptop computers for students.

Students will continue to sell their wares in the virtual city between 8:30 AM and noon Wednesday.

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