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Woman gets house arrest and fine for violating school residency ordinance

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RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - The first person arrested in Ridgeland's new school residency ordinance was back in court Tuesday. This time to admit guilt, and face the consequences.

This morning, Baugh pled guilty to a misdemeanor Misrepresentation of Residency. She was given 15 days house arrest, and a just over fifty-five hundred dollars in fines.

That money will be paid back in installments, to the Madison County School District during her 24 month unsupervised probation.

Baugh declined to comment as she left the courthouse.

Ridgeland Police say they continue to receive tips about other line jumpers, attending school illegally in their city.

"We're not out trying to put parents in jail for trying to educate their students and better educate their students. That's not the message. The message is in order for children to get educated, they have to have the proper facilities. They have to have the proper amount of teachers and classroom space. When you're not paying for that space, no student in that class benefits" said Sgt. Gary Davis of the Ridgeland Police Department.

Ridgeland has six open cases they're investigating. Those people could face the same charges unless they voluntarily unenroll their kids from school.

Aurora Baugh's attorney, Bucky Stewart, says she was only trying to get the best education for her child, and never intended to break the law.

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