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Only a few weeks left before Clinton's "Biggest Loser" finale

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CLINTON, MS (WLBT) -  It's crunch time for contestants in Clinton's version of "The Biggest Loser." There are only a few weeks left in the weight loss competition. And contestants were feeling the burn Thursday morning at their weekly boot camp.

"It's been a harder week than usual, but it's going really well. I'm excited about the whole thing," said Shauna Peacock, a competitor.

Peacock is one of 16 contestants working to lose the highest percentage of body weight in Clinton's"Arrow Meltdown." The winner receives a $3,500 prize package. But every participant said they feel like they've already won.

"I just feel so much better and I love being able to be more active and not feel so tired all the time and I just, honestly, I've kind of started to enjoy working out," said Shauna Peacock, a competitor.

Now in 3rd place, Charles Hill is one of the top contenders. He's shed over 30 pounds in nine weeks.

"I walked out of here the other day weighing a weight I hadn't weighed in 15 years. So it kind of inspires you to want to do more," said Hill.

And everyone involved said they'll continue living what they've learned in the program, even after it ends.

"My goal is to be fit at 40. That's when I'll be 40, next year. So, fit at 40, I'm giving myself a year to be where I need to be," said Peacock.

"When this program's over with and the camera's turned off, you've learned something that will continue to push you down the road. That's what I'm hoping will happen for me," said Hill.

The program is sponsored by the Clinton Public School District. The goal is for parents and teachers to model healthy behavior for students.

Don't forget to keep watching WLBT every Thursday for the latest on the contestant's progress. A winner will be announced April 24th.

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