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Pro-Life grassroots group wants to change Mississippi's constitution

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  A Mississippi grassroots group says people should be given basic human rights from the moment of conception.

Les Riley, from Personhood Mississippi says their goal is try to change Mississippi's constitution.

"To amend our constitution to define person as beginning at fertilization and give rights to all human beings."

Personhood Mississippi set out to get over 100 thousand signatures from each of Mississippi's four congressional districts to put this measure on the 2011 ballot.

The Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann, confirmed on Thursday the group does have enough votes.

"They received 106 thousand signatures; 106,325 signatures."

The next procedural step, Hosemann says will be for him to present this measure before the House and Senate when the 2011 Legislative Session begins.

"They then have the right to do a competing amendment or accept the amendment as provided by the citizens."

Pro-choice activist Michelle Colone says this action isn't giving rights back, rather it's taking them away from the hands of Mississippians.

"Some of these anti-governmental movements are harmful for American citizens period." Colone continued to say, "Because you oppose an ideology, that you would rather superimpose something such as this."

If Mississippians vote this measure into action, the Legislature still has to determine if they want to change the state's constitution.

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