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Home Medical Equipment

Standard Walkers

Folding Walkers

Folding Walkers with Wheels

Quad Canes

Stationary Commodes - Bedside

Raised Toilet Seat

Standard Wheelchairs with Footrest

Ex-Wide Heavy Duty Wheelchairs with Footrest, Leg Paddles Rest

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs with Full Arms, Swing Away and Detaching Elevating Leg Rest

Hospital Semi-Electric Beds with Rails and Mattresses


Respiratory Supplies
Nebulizers & Apnea Monitors

Diabetic Supplies
Glucometer, Lancets, Strips, & Diabetic Shoes

Ostomy Supplies
Ostomy Bags, Stomahesive, Paste, Flanges, Pouches

For additional information contact your Home Medical Equipment 2000, Respresentative and they will be happy to answer any of yoru questions.

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