McCoy Federal Building closed by power outage - - Jackson, MS

McCoy Federal Building closed by power outage

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A federal building in downtown Jackson shut down suddenly Tuesday.

The closure of the McCoy Federal Building sent home hundreds of workers and inconvenienced  others.

Throughout the day Wednesday people wanting to get inside the McCoy Federal Building were turned away unable to conduct business in the facility that houses government agencies.

"They don't even have a sign on the door or anything. I'm really shocked to see them closed because I actually have lost all of my credentials, and I need to get a copy of some papers that I needed," said Linda Satcher of Ridgeland.

The 15 story building lost power Tuesday.

The GSA or General Services Administration oversees operations of the building.

"I don't know what happened. I came yesterday and I came today, and they were closed," said Canton resident Sandy Solanto who was trying to go to the Social Security Office.

General Services Administration Public Information Officer Gregory Andrews said there are 31 agencies and 700 to 800 employees occupying the building.

"An electrical breaker had to be repaired and caused a power outage at the building. All offices closed Tuesday," said Andrews.

The largest tenants are the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Offices.

It is tax season crunch time.

The closure will affect the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center's 134 workers and those seeking their help.

"I rushed from work yesterday and I rushed today to come to get a tax return, a copy of my tax return and the only thing the security officer said was that they were closed. No information," said Patricia Harris of Jackson.

"I work around the corner and I was coming to handle some personal business, and I just found out it was closed.

I asked what was going on and he said they were taking care of some things and that's all he told me," said Erica White who works in downtown Jackson.

Government officials said the building will be closed for repairs through the remainder of the week.

It is expected to reopen Monday April 12th.

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